2 thoughts on “World_War_Two_British_evacuees_to_New_Zealand”

  1. This particular picture is haunting my mind with many creative ideas. I am presently working on a novel about a ferry sinking by a U-boat during WWII and would like your permission to use this photo possibly on the cover. (Not sure at this time)
    It is a fictional novel with references to real events and tragedy.
    I hope you feel free to release the photo and of course I need a name to give proper credit.

    1. Hi Nancee, thanks for reading my article, and yes, that image is haunting. Your work sounds interesting, and I hope you have success in publishing.
      All the images that I use are either public domain, or, as in this situation UK owned, “Open Government License.” You really don’t need my permission since the work is for public use. Either way you are free to use in republishing as long as you acknowledge credit. In this situation you should show the credit as : The National Archives UK @ Flickr Commons.
      My best to you.
      Allen Cornwell

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