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Historians love finding little nuggets of information that might broaden our understanding. The key is to use reliable research. The goal, of course, is to separate the fact from fiction, and find those gems necessary to give a more precise reflection from the past.

Telling the story is the easy part. Finding the nuggets is the challenge. As the old idiom reminds us “the devil is in the details.” The details are where the larger truth about history becomes clear. Our Great American Heritage is about digging beneath the surface and looking for additional pieces of the story; those little nuggets that expand our understanding about history.

Allen Cornwell is a self-employed business owner and free-lance writer. He lives in rural Virginia and enjoys history, sports, old movies and visiting all types of museums. Cornwell has had a number of American history articles published and he earned his M. A. degree in American History from Virginia Commonwealth University. He can be contacted at: allencornwell@mac.com

Allen Cornwell
Allen Cornwell

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  1. Thanks Allen. You are writing important history that needs writing. We’ll be better for having a fuller and fairer picture.
    David Charlton

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