The Decision: Eisenhower and Remembering D-Day 75 Years Later 

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Our Obsession with Conspiracy Theories

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Tax Cheaters in Early 20th Century America

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Grave Robbers and Dissection Labs: The Nightmares of 19th Century America.

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Slavery was supported by white southern pastors.

Monsters in 20th century America.

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The Civil War was the perfect storm.

D-Day: Teddy Roosevelt would have been proud of his son.

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D-Day: The fight to get off Omaha Beach.

D-Day: The Landing on Omaha Beach.

General George Custer: A fool, or a misguided narcissist?

Historic Virginia hotel has had a history of fires.

At least half of the Civil War dead were never identified.

Eisenhower: A Five Star General,who never had battlefield experience.

With the birth of the film industry, soon came the call for censorship.

The captains of industry refused to serve in a war that they profited from.

If you want to know the truth about history, start with George Washington’s birthplace.

The freedom of the world depended on this one thing.

In the last century many people felt they could communicate with the dead

American automakers supported Nazism.

Rural Americans have long been misunderstood.